This page is where I'll keep a log of updates that matter, and sometimes updates that don't!



Thank you all so much for 20k visits! Now it's at 21k, but half of those are me, so it's not worth much! But thank you all for visiting my silly little site! I don't have much to celebrate it with, so sorry about that, but just know that I'm really excited that people have gotten to see my silly site! I can't say they all enjoyed it, as they might have just been passing by, but I'll take it!

For today's updates, I just added some new graphics, buttons, and a widget on the front page so I don't have to type "last updated on ___!" anymore. Not much, but I'm busy these days, so I don't have much time for updates! I'll try to do something cool sson, though! I have a couple WIPs for new pages I have to finish off.

Later Today: Added the Positivity Page!


i am dead mentally and physically, it's been a long ass day, but i am generous enough to have posted another offering on the "Cool Video" page... :)


updates updates updates!!!!!! Lots of 'em. Mostly on my other site, but it's nice to finally get thinks working better again. Fixed all those broken images, added one or two, and cleaned up a few annoying things on my end. Nothing major, but enough to make me feel good! A couple new pages coming soon, but not quite yet. Be on the lookout! And no peeking! Mostly for your own good, they won't look good yet lmao


god i could never be an ipad kid, this is too frustrating

Anyways, this is just a small update, since my site has been getting visitors lately! *pops a party popper and blows a kazoo* Unfortunately, I've been away from my computer lately, hence the lack of updates and dig at the iPad keyboard being annoying. And some of my links broke due to a domain change of the source of them, but hopefully that will be fixed in the next day or so! But thank y'all so much for visiting! Despite the bugs I need to fix, I hope you have a nice time around here! I'll be home soon and fix all that, so see you then!

And in other news, I hope you had a good New Year's! Cheers!


Nothing except I fixed the scrollbar. It looks cool now! Could never figure out why it broke until this morning. Also, happy new years!


Extremely small changes, new font. Got tired of Comic Sans, so I changed it. And I'll probably change it again.


Hey all, Coax here! (It's hard to spell that without the numbers these days!) I'm just here to say that I finished the Friend buttons, so those should be added momentarily! Also, disregard the "Welcome to Hell" page, I was just trying something out that I might implement later! I tried it some months ago, but it looked pretty jank, but hopefully I'll find a way to get it to work well! The idea is the whole Neopets or iCarly.com look, with a banner-ad or logo with site navigation buttons underneath. It didn't look good when I tried it earlier this year, but I think I'll try it again.

And for the buttons, I hope y'all like them! Really. I worked on them in my campus library and probably got snickered at by some random passerby wondering what Glover is and why I was working on a GIF of it. But in good news, I worked out some keyboard shortcuts, so hopefully I'll be able to pump them out quicker and make some more for other Friends and fun timez!

Lastly, I added more banner ads. I'll probably add more later, too! And maybe make some, someday...

And that's all for today's update. Go grab your laptop and touch some grass! At least where I live, it's a nice day, so go enjoy it!


Sorry for the lack of site updates, my motivation to do just about anything has been dead, and most of the site stuff I need to get done is graphics, which I cannot bring myself to make right now. So sorry about that! Now that people are actually seeing this site, it does make me feel bad. But anyways, in other, older news, I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but the falling objects code has been removed on most pages except for the home page I believe. This is because it was an invisible forcefield over most things! Including the buttons page, which sucked. For everyone who totally was not curious about it, that's why the main page tooltip didn't work! So, since it never looked that great in the first place, it's been removed. (Except, ironically, on the main page. It just really fit the vide there, despite the tooltip thing.)

And the other reason I'm posting this update is that I'd really appreciate if y'all could post what you think the site needs over in the guestbook. No matter how small, it warms my heart when someone posts there! So I'd appreciate if you could leave some suggestions! Updates have come to a halt partially since I'm running out of ideas of what to add! I guess I'll finally have to finish the "under construction" pages...? :(

And last announcement, if you've added one of the scavenger hunt buttons to your page, I love you and we are now married. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


Added some more nabbed assets! Plus, the main page has music now! How neat! I'll probably change the song soon since that was also nabbed. Be on the lookout for some sick jams!


I finished adding the secret pages! A few are missing the badges, but otherwise they're ready to be found! I'll put a main page announcement when they're added. I also added some buttons to the buttons page! I can never have enough. They're like crack to me, or something... I think it's because of the blinky animation.


Implemented the secret pages! Pog. Go find them! I haven't added buttons to some of them, but they're still available for you to find!


Been a while since I updated this thing! All I did today was move the Gigablast page and remove the homepage link. I'll have some time between classes, so I might do more then. In other news... I got to campus *wayyy* too early today (hence why I'm working on thsi lmao) and it's so relaxing! I know 90% of modern society is not morning people, but if by any chance you are, try an early morning walk! I've been spending too much time indoors by myself, so I think I'll try to do this more. Sittng here watching a fountain go absolutely ape is really fun. Really! Who programmed this thing! It's insane!! Anyways... Time to check that to-do list and add stuff to this site!

More updates: Started to plan out more secret pages and removed checklist from this page. I don't want to have any spoilers there! So I won't. I'll maybe add it back after I get all the secret pages organized. Also, many updates! Too many to list, but the scavenger hunt will offically be a thing soon!! (It's added, I just need to make some graphics and scatter the links around the site.)


Added a Google search widget! Stole it from a site, but I don't think they made it, and that website now only exists in internet archives. Also took some ad banners from them! I'll add those tomorrow. Thank you, valleyofthegeeks.com! Your contributions will not go unnoticed.


Some way, some how... My lowermybills graphic got yeeted, so I re-added it to Links and Buttons. I guess I accidentally deleted it? But the file was gone too... Strange. Maybe I added it to my other site and didn't notice...?

Two minutes pass.

Yeah, yeah, I'm tonight's biggest loser, I added it to G4T3W4Y, not here. I now have it on both sites, though I might take it off G4T3W4Y, since it fits the theme slightly less.


As it turns out, the search bar doesn't work. Idk what happened there, but it looks cool, I guess? I'll figure it out later. Also updated Quieres page, I'll add a few more dumb mystery things later. I kinda want to do a "secret avatars" thing like Neopets. It seems fun!


Added moon phase widget to the front page. Also, added a page that tests an embedded search engine. Might add it to the main page later. I was inspired by how my dad said he made his website have Google embedded into it and he changed all his school computers to it. I mean, if you have it all on one site, why would you need anything else? I guess that is one of my site's founding principles- Your one-stop shop for everything you don't need!


See front page!


I'm a supporter now! This update isn't to flex, it's just to commemorate this and to mention it's so I can start up my professional/shop page. And so I can remind myself to add a favicon and actual cursor later lmao, I've been using a workaround for a lil bit. I'd like to host it on-site and everything. Also, bigger update ig, Commissions and Art both have been removed. They've been put on the new site, which you might come across at some point!


Small update, added myself into a few more webrings! Hopefully I'll make a friend or two! If not, at least I might be able to get my Really Neat Site seen by a couple humans somewhere! But it's late. I gotta go to bed...


Day 12 of no good WiFi. The DSL lines are starting to look pretty nice......

Jk. I tried to fix the Links page graphics, but something is wrong and I currently don't have the WiFi to fix it. I DID, however, find out my old netbook connects to the WiFi a lot better than my modern computer(?) so that's nice! Plus I'll get to work on my nostalgia site on the nostalgia machine! This is the beast I used to browse old YouTube, Newgrounds, and Neopets back in the day! Still going strong, tbh. I guess they really don't make 'em like they used to! I've abused this thing to hell and back and there's really no noticable decline in performance. The only reason why I ever upgraded was that I neded a drawing tablet, and battery replacements were anoying on this. (Every few years isn't much, but still more than I'd like.) Anyways, I'm gonna add a couple more buttons and then clock out until tomorrow. I've been having tons of fun with this site, but I really need to focus on schoolwork. Last note, I changed my button, so check that out on the links page!!


Been feelin' weird and really busy lately, so I haven't gotten to work on the site much (as if anyone would notice, though.) I really enjoy working on this thing, so it sucks big time I haven't had time to work on it, but today I got to hop onto uni WiFi and do some stuff, which is so hella nice! And unless the work schedule was written wrong, I think I have tomorrow off, which is SOOOO nice. I've been so overwhelmed and exhausted lately, so tbh? I'll probably spend the whole day goofing off. Expect site updates, I guess! This is a pretty simple, humble site, but if I can get even half the "coming soon" list done, it'll be something to go down in the history books! Probably in infamy, but still. Also, I was added to the Yesterweb Web Ring!! Everyone should go check them out, it's pretty epic!! There's some neat sites in there.


Yesterday (from my phone) I added the clicksplosion effect to the main page, and that broke it and the sparkle trail on the mouse, so I just fixed and removed it. I'm not giving up, though. I'll find a way to implement it, but the dev said that it can't always run alongside other Javascript codes, so it's not a huge deal. I'm not that advanced to figure out how to force them together. If I add a mobile site, I'll implement it there, since it would work a whole lot better. (The mouse trail barely works on mobile, but the clicksplosion does, so it would be way more fun there anyways!) I know no one cares, but do know that updates and overall my activity online is going to be slow until further notice. My WiFi sucks! I can't even do classwork except for when I'm sapping campus WiFi, but even that is only certain days when I have classes.


Fixed the guestbook, added a new button, and added a mood widget to the about me page. Reminder to add F2U section later. I'm gonna start making pagedolls, and I'll pop them there once I have enough. I also added rainbow glitter for the cursor, and I cleaned up some files on my end. Had to take down the eyestrain-free version of the site, but it'll be back up soon. (Probably in a couple weeks, after I work on the normal site some more.)


Not an update, but the tooltip on the main page broke. Works on mobile, though. Not sure how that happened.


Added falling objects code to the site. Also added comments box to main page. Might remove it if it's redundant. Added "rising sun" page. (It's a meme.)


Painstakingly added a tooltip and a banner to the main page. I need to figure out how to add the quetsion-mark-in-a-circle html.


First post here! Today I added the pages Updates, Links, and something else idk. I finally added a main page link to Fortunes, so y'all can get there now! It was floating in purgatory, since I wanted to add it after I finished it, but I never did. So, I added the link so you can at least see how it looks. I like how the design turned out!

wanna go home?